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Divorce Mediation Coaching

Mediators practice alternative dispute resolution (mediation) that many times produces better outcomes than family court, being prepared is the key to successful outcomes.  

A Mediation Coach can help make the most of mediation sessions by helping you stay focused on your interests and being prepared. Once you have made the difficult decision to divorce from your partner, a mediator is essential professional in alternative dispute resolution whose services you should enlist. Whether its court appointed mediators or a private mediators, their role in your divorce is an important one. But what do you do as a party in these mediation sessions?

Court appointed mediators can be obtained at no cost to you, but how can you get the most from the brief (6 hours total) sessions. Other professionals in alternative dispute resolution like private mediators or family coaches will be available for much longer periods of time. How do you know what to do both before and during these mediation meetings? We work in alternative dispute resolution as mediators and can help prepare you in order to get the most from your meditators.

Mediation CoachingA coach will walk you through the alternative dispute resolution process and help you anticipate what possible reactions might be, and how to navigate them. The mediation coach will also will work with you to help you understand how to control your emotions when negotiating, as well as how to structure dialogue in order to avoid unnecessary arguments.

divorcehelpA coach can also help you learn what documentation you should be going into a mediation session with, as well as arranging your finances to better prepare. They will help you determine a list of interests and concerns, and help you to avoid a standstill resulting from the all too common “I will or won’t do that” approach.

A mediation coach will help you to build confidence that will make you a strong negotiator once you are in the mediation session. Understanding what you want to take from the session, as well as knowing how to better resolve conflict through discussion will allow you to make the most of your time with the mediator.

Going into a alternative dispute resolution process can be intimidating. In order to make sure you go in confidently and able to get the most from these meetings, mediation coaching is essential. Prepare yourself through mediation coaching and you will be able to resolve things faster and get what you want!